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10 Important Things to Know about Fatima, Scholidays.com – Are you a devoted Catholic and like to travel to Europe? If Yes, have you visited Fatima?

You are missing something in you life without experience being in Fatima. It is one of the famous Marian Apparition to Lucia, Fransisco and Jacinta in Portugal.

Once you visit Fatima, you have to know at least 10 importan things about it. Here are they;

Fatima (Photo: pixabay)

1. Number of Apparitions.

Our Lady of Fatima appeared six times to Lucia de los Santos, and Francisco and Jacinta Marto. Both Francisco and Jacinta were siblings; Lucia was their older cousin, whose last name was Los Santos.

2. The Number 13.

Our Lady appeared on the 13th to dispel this myth. There is no such thing as a bad number or a series of bad numbers. Actually nothing happens by chance, but all is guided mysteriously but firmly by God’s loving and providential hand; this we call “Divine Providence”.

3. Guardian Angel.

Before Our Lady appeared to the children in 1917, the Guardian Angel of Portugal appeared to the children three times, preparing the way for the appearance of Our Lady. Therefore, the reality of ANGELS has a prominent role in the message of Fatima.

4. Mass and the Eucharist.

Actually, the third and last apparition of the angel to the three children carried with it one of the most extraordinary elements in approved private revelations and apparitions. It was this: the angel appeared and suspended in the air was the Host and Chalice.

The Host of course is the Body of Christ; in the Chalice is the Blood of Christ. The angel commanded the children to receive! Lucia received the Host and Jacinta and Francisco received from the Chalice, the reason being that the Chalice symbolizes suffering.

Both Jacinta and Francisco shortly after the apparitions would suffer much and die so as to be taken to heaven. May we augment our faith, love and devotion for the most Holy Eucharist and have a real hunger for Holy Communion, even daily Holy Communion—“Give us this day our daily bread…” (The Our Father)

5. The Rosary.

In all of the six apparitions of Our Lady, she told the children as well as the world at large to pray the Rosary.

Saint Pope John Paul II in his document The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Rosary (October, 2002) insisted on the daily recitation of the most Holy Rosary and for two specific intentions: for world peace and for the salvation of the family. Let us obey the Pope and the Mother of God and pray the Rosary every day. Father Patrick Peyton encourages us: “The family that prays together stays together.”

6. The Greatest Miracle.

One of the greatest miracle last century was the miracle of the sun, October 13, 1917. The whole morning it was raining buckets and the people were drenched. However, shortly after noon the sun came out and wheeled around like a Ferris Wheel in the sky.

The people fell to their knees and begged pardon for their sins. Miracles occurred: the blind recovered their sight and the paralyzed could walk. Not only that, but the people’s clothes were immediately and totally dry after being soaked from the torrential downpour of rain! This was seen by as many as 70,000 people!

7. The Existence of Hell

They stated that if the Blessed Mother were not there present with them, they would have died of fear. Today in so many liberal theological centers the reality of hell is either laughed at or simply dismissed as an obsolete relic of the medieval times. Hell does exist and souls can go there if they die unrepentant in mortal sin.

Mary of Fatima (Photo: pixabay)

8. The Existence of Heaven.

Lucia asked Our Lady in the apparition in June if she would go to heaven, as well as Jacinta and Francisco.

Our Lady said YES. However, Francisco would have to say many Rosaries before he would be ready to go to heaven. In our case, of course we want to go to heaven. Most probably we need to say many Rosaries, too.

9. Fatima and Pope St John Paul II.

May 13, 1981, after blessing children from his pope-mobile, Pope John Paul II was brutally shot and rushed to the hospital. It seemed as if it was a lost cause! Heaven was stormed with Rosaries, prayers and sacrifices for the beloved Pontiff.

We all know history; he would live almost another 24 years—dying April 2, 2005. Pope John Paul II attributed his life being saved to Our Lady and specifically Our Lady of Fatima.

10. The Crown and the Bullet.

The following year on May 13 1982, Pope John Paul II, now healed from the attack, traveled as a pilgrim to Fatima. The purpose of this momentous visit, better said pilgrimage, was to thank Our Lady of Fatima for having intervened and saved his life! As the writer George Weigel highlighted, Pope John Paul recognized the malicious intent of the evil spirit in the shooting of the bullet that almost killed him.

However, the hand of Our Lady was more powerful!!! Today we live in constant spiritual warfare, surrounded by countless spiritual bullets for our children, teens, as well as ourselves. May we seek refuge in the mantle and the Immaculate Heart of Mary as our most sure haven, refuge and ark of safety—like the Ark of Noah.

That’s all 10 Important Things to Know about Fatima. May this article helps you for your pilgrimage to Fatima. To experience more about Fatima Apparition, SC Holidays is commited to guide you on your spiritual nourishment.

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