Jesus' "Buntu BUrake" Statue (Photo:

7 Tallest and Biggest Statue of Jesus in Indonesia, – One of the most famous statues of Jesus is the Statue of Christ the Redeemer (Portuguese: Cristo Redentor) in Rio de Janerio, Brazil.

The 38 meter tall statue has become one of the Brazilian icons. Cristo Redentor, who previously held the record for being the tallest statue in the world, is now starting to compete with several Jesus statues from Indonesia.

Here are 7 of the highest and largest statues in Indonesia, even the world. Check out the following review:

1. Jesus “Buntu Burake” Statue in Toraja, South Sulawesi

Jesus’ “Buntu Burake” Statue (Photo:

Jesus “Buntu Burake” Statue is the highest statue of Jesus in the world. This statue is located at Buntu Burake Peak, Buntu Burake Village, Makale District, Tana Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi.

This 45 meters tall statue was inaugurated in August 2015 and is now one of the landmarks in South Sulawesi. Many tourists visit this place to witness the beauty of landmarks that stand on the 1,700 meter high hill.

An artist from Yogyakarta, Supriadi, was entrusted to work on this statue. It takes around Rp. 30 billion in funds to be able to finish this statue until it’s finished.

2. Jesus’s Blessing Statue in Manado, North Sulawesi

Jesus’s Blessing’s Statue, Manado (Photo: ADOLOF BUOL)

In addition to the Statue of Jesus in Tana Toraja, Sulawesi also has other landmarks namely the statue of Jesus Blessing. This giant 30 meters tall statue was built in the Citraland Winangun Complex, Manado City, North Sulawesi.

This statue of Jesus is unique because it has a slope of up to 20 degrees so that the statue of Jesus looks like floating with both hands raised. Aside from being a landmark in North Sulawesi, this statue of Jesus Blessing is also a tourist attraction that attracts tourists both domestic and foreign.

3. The Statue of Christ the King in Saumlaki, Maluku

The Statue of Christ the King in Saumlaki, Maluku (Photo: ADITYO PRODJO)

One of the highest statues of Jesus in Indonesia is on Yamdena Island, East Olilit Village, South Tanimbar District, West Southeast Maluku Regency, Saumlaki, Maluku Province.

This statue of Jesus has a height of 25 meters including its support. Interestingly, at the bottom of the statue is a chapel that can be used for Holy Mass.

This statue faces directly into the Arafuru Sea and welcomes everyone who comes to the island. Now, the statue of Christ the King Saumlaki is one of the tourist destinations in Maluku.

4. Statue of Jesus on Lembeh Island, Bitung, North Sulawesi

The Statue of Jesus on Lembeh Island (

North Sulawesi not only has a statue of Jesus Blessing in Manado. The province also has a statue of Jesus which has a height of up to 35 meters in Dorbolaang Village, South Lembeh, Bitung Island, North Sulawesi.

This statue also defeats the height of the Statue of Jesus in Rio de Jenerio, Brazil. Now, the Statue of Jesus facing directly into the Lembeh Strait is one of the most famous tourist objects in North Sulawesi.

5. Statue of Jesus Christ on Mansinam Island, Manokwari

Statue of Jesus Christ on Mansinam Island, Manokwari (Gemapapua)

This statue of Jesus Christ is located on Mansinam Island, Manokwari, West Papua. This is an icon of the spread of the gospel in the Land of Papua.

The statue is 30 meters high (14.5 meters high and 15 meters tall). The local government spent around Rp. 7-8 billion to build this monument.

Uniquely, the statue was inaugurated directly by the 6th President of the Republic of Indonesia, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on August 24, 2014.

6. Statue of Jesus Christ in Merauke, Papua

Statue of Jesus Christ in Merauke, Papua (Photo:

Besides having a statue of Jesus on Mansinam Island, Papua also has a similar monument in Merauke. Yes, Indonesia’s easternmost city has a statue of Jesus reaching 12 meters high.

The statue was inaugurated the first time on August 14, 2011. The construction of this statue as a monument to commemorate the first day of the entry of the Catholic Church to the City of Merauke.

7. Jesus Blessing Statue in Balirangeng, North Sulawesi

Jesus’s Blessing Statue in Balirangeng, North Sulawesi (

North Sulawesi also has a religious tourist attraction in the form of a statue of Jesus Christ in Balirangeng Village, South East Siau District, Tagulandang Islands Regency, Biaro, North Sulawesi.

This faces directly to the sea. Until now, this monument has become one of the tourist objects that became an icon and attraction of the region.

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