Pope Francis (Photo: pixabay)

Pope Francis: “The wisdom of the Heart lies in Knowing how to combine Contemplation and Action”, Scholidays.com – Pope Francis gave a meaningful mesage during the Sunday Angless at Vatican (21/07/2019). He emphasized about the important of welcomening those who are in need as the way of combining contemplation and action.

By focusing on the Gospel about Mary and Martah, he invites all of us the enhance our awareness of listening to the Lord. When we listen to God, we are on the right path.

Pope Francis (Photo: pixabay)

The day’s Gospel describes Jesus’ visit to the house of Martha and Mary. The two sisters welcome Him, and whilst one sister, Mary, sits at His feet – with the desire to listen to each and every word He speaks – the other sister, Martha, tends to Jesus’ needs.

Pope Francis explained that with these words, Jesus “does not intend to condemn the attitude of service, but rather the anxiety with which it is sometimes experienced”. Instead, he said “we express Martha’s concern” and we follow her example in order to make sure that in our communities “there is a sense of welcome”, so that “everyone can feel ‘at home’, especially the little ones and the poor”.

The Pope went on to explain that the story of Jesus’ visit to these two sisters “reminds us that the wisdom of the heart lies in knowing how to combine these two elements: contemplation and action.”

He explained that Martha and Mary show us that both attitudes must go hand in hand in order for us to “savour life with joy”: we must listen to Jesus, as “He reveals to us the secret to everything” whilst still being “ready in hospitality, when He passes by and knocks on our door”.

Pope Francis concluded his reflection with a prayer to the Virgin Mary, asking that she “give us the grace to love and serve God and our brothers and sisters with the hands of Martha and the heart of Mary, so that by always listening to Christ we may be artisans of peace and hope.”

May this article helps you on your spiritual journey.

Source: vaticannews


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